David Pippin - Vocals and lead Guitar


Pippin was born in Jacksonville Fl where he was introduced to rock and roll by his father and step mother at a very early age. "I would go to my friends house and always ask where they kept their sound system. They usually would point to some small boom box and I would be puzzled. My father had speakers that were a foot shy of the ceiling. The whole setup took up an entire wall. Dad would wake us up around 9am with Led Zeppelin on 10. The walls would shake and there were times the pictures would fall all over the house, I shit you not. My Grandfather was a closet blues fan and we would lay in the floor for hours listening to BB King". Although the love of music was rooted in his entire family, none were musicians.

While growing up in jacksonville, Pippin lived in the marsh lands next to the inter-coastal water way. His favorite past time was in a pool hall or at a neighbors house who had a pool table in his garage. "There was this kid who lived down the street who we called Waldo because he looked like the Wheres Waldo character, kids can be cruel. Waldo had a pool table in his backyard garage and thats where my neighborhood friends and I would hang out. At the time Waldo had just started to play the guitar. One day on the way to the garage he asked us to come listen to him play on his new Big Muff distortion pedal. I could have cared less. He then said we were not going to play pool until we listened to him play his guitar for a minute. We reluctantly walked back to his room and waited for him to plug up his lotus 70 dollar guitar into a seventies peavy PA system. With the first chord he played the sound was so loud and intoxicating that I realized at that moment that I would play guitar for the rest of my life. I went straight home and called my grandfather and asked if I could have the decorative three string silver tone guitar that hung on his wall. He said that we could get it strung up and I could have it the next day." Pippin then began taking lessons from a jacksonville guitar master Rob Scavetto and practiced literally until his fingers bled.

Pippin moved to Georgia at the age of 16 and graduated from Newnan High in 99. He moved to Carrollton Ga to attend UWG planning to major in music. While at West Ga he picked up with a local student named Zac Brown and played with him until he decided to finish his schooling at the Atlanta Institute of Music. Along the way he has played with greats such as Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Derik St. Holmes of Ted Nudgent. His past bands include The Poor Mans Blues Band, Adamson Square and Loud Engine. In 2007 he started Mile Train and took is first turn at being a lead vocalist. He is also the founder and president of the fall music festival known as Little Big Jam based in Bowdon Ga (2006). When asked what else can we expect, his reply was "You ain't seen nothin' yet".

Cole Arthur - Lead Guitar

Cole Arthur

TC Ray - Drums

TC Ray

Destyn Perry - Bass Guitar

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Mile Train has been mesmerizing and captivating audiences all over the southeast for years now. The Mile Train family has grown to an unexpected size that spans the world. Their special home brew of Blues Rock and Jazz has allowed them to reach a wide demographic of listeners. From college crowds to the die hard blues fans that frequent the smoky, rustic music halls, Mile Train has had some wonderful success. They have just finished their second album "Lifted" which is the follow up to their celebrated first album "I'd Rather Feel Bad". Their first album has had great success all over the world selling out at shows. Mile Train's relationship with their audience has strengthened giving them a home-away-from-home wherever they go. Here is a list of the clubs were Mile Train is on a regular booking schedule. If you have any questions about the performance or professionalism of the band, please feel free to contact any of the following clubs.  • Pub 280 – Americus, GA • Bomba’s – Jacksonville, FL • Calendar’s – MacClenny, FL • Rivalry’s – Macon, GA • Jekyll and Hydes-Newnan, GA • Plates – Carrollton, GA • Darwin’s – Atlanta, GA • Soho’s – Columbus, GA • Stix Bar and Grill-Villa Rica, GA

Guest Musicians

We look forward to having our friends sit in with us from time to time.  Here are a few of the talented musicians that you might randomly see at a Mile Train Show.

Eva Rose - As a former member, most of you know Eva's talent as a vocalist. She is currently focusing on her singer/songwriter duo with Kelley Warner, Arsenic and Old Lace.  Eva is also the lead singer for Brothers & Sisters, a 13 piece rhythm and blues band out of Carrollton. 

Kelley Warner - Kelley is a familiar face to everyone in the Mile Train family.  He was the drummer for Mile Train for about 3 years and he still comes out with us sometimes.  Now, Kelley is involved in many bands around the Atlanta area including Summer Dare, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Brothers & Sisters. 

Bryan Hall -  The former bassist for Mile Train now plays as a session player.  He also enjoys playing gigs with Jack Hall and with Matthew Williams.  Bryan has played with the Cowtown String Band and If By Chance.  He is extremely talented as a bassist, playing both stand up and electric.  He also plays guitar and tuba.  Bryan teaches at Ballew's Music in Carrollton, Ga. 

Jeff "The Snake" Hall - Jeff was the bassist for Mile Train for over a year.  He is a hard-driving, pocket player.  His alter ego, The Snake, usually comes out right before a show (with some help from Crown Royal). 

Ray Tanner, Jr. - If you are lucky enough to see Mile Train at shows around Carrollton, then you've probably seen Ray on his horns, too.  Ray is extremely talented and plays the trumpet when he sits in with Mile Train.  He is also a member of Bugles Across America, which is an organization dedicated to providing music at military funerals.  Ray currently plays with The Squirrelheads and is the founding member of The Hurricane Horns.  He has also played with The Temptations, The Tams, and Geoff Achison. 

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Cheers Orange Park FL 11/17/12

The Ocean/Guitar Solo Black Water Blues Boom Boom Singin' Out Loud

DARWIN'S 2007 video