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Mile Train's sound cannot be easily described. Based on Delta blues, jazz and Southern rock, the band has forged a recognizably eclectic musical phenomenon. Whether it's the chop-heavy, bass-thumping tones of "Blackwater Blues" and "Singin' Out Loud," the delicate harmonies of "Lifted" and "Sugarcane," or the high octane fueled riffage of "Tie One On" and "Brothers and Sisters," Mile Train has successfully blended several sounds into a unique blend of rock'n'roll.

Mile Train has gone through many changes over the past 6 years.  The constant touring and reputation as a high endurance, "play has hard as you can and as much as you can band" had taken its toll on morale and energy.  So when the band took some time to regroup and reform (again) some were surprised and some saw it coming.  For the past 8 months Mile Train has been playing a lot less and with different members for just about every show.  Now with some much needed rest and a whole new line up, they have been hitting the practice room hard.  The new members including a second Lead Guitarist (Cole Arthur), Drummer (TC RAY) and Bassist (Destyn Perry) have given Mile Train a new sound and life. With a plethora of new original material and covers, going to see a Mile Train show now will be a completely new experience. The Guitar Harmonies and Duels between David and Cole, the constant rhythmic fluctuations and stand up and dance groves from TC and Destyn give the band a fresh new dynamic.



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Cheers Orange Park FL 11/17/12

The Ocean/Guitar Solo Black Water Blues Boom Boom Singin' Out Loud

DARWIN'S 2007 video