Mile Train
David Pippin


Bag in the Back By David Pippin She lives on top in a trailer by the hill Makes her bread from the meth she deals She’s got cable TV and the bills are paid Her mommas got the boys and she’s got it maid Every things smooth and she’s quite all right Until the cars across the street are parked all night She’ll be stairring out the window for hours at a time Know she’s for sure that some one dropped the dime She heads for the kitchen to dispose of the scene Grabs a few close, fills her bag up with green The camero out back better be filled the top Cause she’s getting out tonight before she gets popped Chorus: She’s got the bag in the back seat it’s alright The cars already running and she’s leaving tonight She’s got the bag in the back seat it’s alright She’s all alone She lives in a house right on the beach Three or four stories twelve thousand square feet She waits for his call all day long He’s working out late and won’t be home The dishes and silver he says better shine But the laundry basket seems to be the center of time The smell of perfume she knows isn’t hers As she breaks all the china and burns all the furs Chorus She’s been working for the man for too damn long Writing and typing and answering phones Thirty minute lunch for five days a week Won’t say a word unless they say speak Well the day has come and they’re all out of town The safes left open as if to be proud She’ll be twelve hundred miles before they get back With a not on her door reading “kiss my ass” Chorus

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