Mile Train
David Pippin


You are going to have to guess what this song is about yourself. It is exactly what you think it is about.


Drip-Drop By David Pippin I’m not Don Won by any means I’m James Bond only in my dreams But when I saw you the first time No sugar plums dancing in my mind I play the games that you request Cat and mouse or just plain old chess So love like you’ve never been hurt before And I’ll be sure that I lock the door Chorus: Because its Drip drop on the counter top I’ll make you scream please, please don’t stop I run my fingers up and down your back I’ll make you mine and that’s a natural fact Drip drop on the counter top I’ll make you scream baby please don’t stop Dragon flies and fairy tales I’ll make sure your fantasy sets sail We can fly clouds of pillows You can lie on the bed and I’ll be all your heroes And wake in the morning to a song of mine And fly through the day like you just lost your mind And back again when the sun goes down Silence is golden but not on this side of town Chorus

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