Mile Train
David Pippin


Chorus: I want to get lifted Get my soul up high I want to get shifted Sipping on moonshine I want to get right down On a sweet southern bell I want to stay above ground I want out run hell Living out loud like a song I can sing I’m going to make you proud with these guitar strings Raised on blues and that music from the south I love that slide guitar from Mississippi Fred McDowell Chorus Jacksonville raised but I was Georgia bound I love living in a small Carroll County town A little house off the square, you know I think it’s real nice A good looking local girl cooks for me about every night Chorus Uncle Bills got a farm in the hills of Tennessee His Johnson County Blue Ribbon Squash is a sight to be seen A good old boy served proud for his red white and blue I’d be a better man if I could spend a day in his shoes Chorus Grandmother’s bible study can lift your spirit for the week Then she’d cook you some collards, black eyed peas, sweet tea to drink She made sure you washed your hands before you fixed your plate For Uncle Bill desert was chocolate cocoa cola cake Chorus

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