Riverbed Graveyard

Mile Train
David Pippin


This song was inspired by a story my Uncle told me. My Uncles Friend's mother had passed away and wanted to be buried next to the Tennessee River and everyone in town new of her wishes. My Uncle owned a good bit of property on the Tennessee River. Shortly after the funeral my Uncle received a phone call from his grieving friend. My Uncle’s friend asked if he could help honor his mother’s wishes and my Uncle reluctantly agreed. Burring a body next to a river is dangerous and illegal but friendship to some folks means a little more than just a Christmas card or occasional phone call, it means yes I will help you burry a dead body. Terrified, my Uncle met him next to the river with a couple of shovels in the back off his truck. My Uncle and his friend walked to the edge of the river and said a few words and then a prayer. The friend went to the trunk to get his mother out as my Uncle went to get the shovels. When my Uncle returned with the shovels his friend was holding an urn with his mothers ashes in it.


Riverbed Graveyard By David Pippin Back down to riverbed graveyard Back down to sail my sins away Back down to the riverbed graveyard Back down so I can pray I’ve been tied up with sins of my brother Tied up with the chains they hold Tied up with the sins of my brothers Tied up and now its time to go Chorus: I’ve been sitting along the sidelines waiting for the day to break I’ve been sitting along the sidelines waiting on judgment day Now it’s time to grab the sunshine, grab it with my own two hands Time to grab the sunshine and bring it down where I stand Rise up from the water I’m drowning Rise up, so I can breathe Rise up from the water I’m drowning Rise up, don’t burry me Chorus

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