I'd Rather Feel Bad

Mile Train's debut album. A mix of styles based around blues and rock. Just listen to a few of the tracks on our site to get the idea
Mile Train: I

Mile Train on iTunes - I'd Rather Feel Bad

Lifted - Our second album

Mile Train: Lifted
“Mile Train is a newly aligned group with amazing chemistry that allows them to achieve “naturally” the unity of sound so many bands never accomplish. Back woods delta blues, stomping hard rock and funky jazz fusion into one sound. Mile Train brings a package that is an instant success to the ears and eyes of their audience. Their compositions of originals are sophisticated and highly enticing, with impressively well-conceived melodic progressions and concrete vocal harmonies. I would describe Mile Train’s music as soulful with a straight shot of high octane music fuel. They are definitely edgy and creative enough to pull away from the status-quo of similar such efforts. I think their name is perfectly fitting for what they offer.” by Crystal Swygert “Full Throttle Magazine”

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Cheers Orange Park FL 11/17/12

The Ocean/Guitar Solo Black Water Blues Boom Boom Singin' Out Loud

DARWIN'S 2007 video